Re: Best Distros for supporting Wireless Ethernet Cards?

On Fri, 20 Oct 2006 21:07:36 -0500, Dan C wrote:

On Fri, 20 Oct 2006 23:24:58 +0200, Michael Heiming wrote:

The trick is to get some nic that is supported. Don't waste your
time with ndiswrapper and alike stuff.

I recall using ndiswrapper once. The next day i went out and bought a
fistful of Cardbus cards....

Exactly. To the OP, get something with the Atheros chipset.

Which means that Ubuntu would recognise it, since 6.06 includes the ath

It occurs to me that people are reinstalling one distro after another
to get their stuff working.

Amazing, isn't it? Somehow that's preferable to researching a little on
the card before buying...

You underestimate how hard it can be. The stuff currently in the shops is
normally not listed in the compatibility lists, which are lists of what
was bought a year ago. The manufacturers often do not print on the box
what revision their card is (D-Link is the exception here) and sometimes
do not even know what chips are in their cards! Example of the latter:
The FSF listed Ralink 2500 chipsets as having a free driver, and mentioned
the Surecom ep9428g as being an exemplar. These were on sale at my local
hardware emporium, so I bought one. Was not a Ralink chip. Checked the
Surecom forum, they said 2 revisions of that card were Ralink, one was
Texas, which had no Linux driver. Guess which version my card was? And
then I checked with lspci and discovered it ACTUALLY was an RTL8185.
Works perfectly under Ubuntu 6.06.