Why I now hate MS-Windows, and ATM machines

Ok I have tried to be civil and try not to bash Microsoft Windows too
much, but today my Windows world got a lot smaller and my love of linux

My understanding is that many ATM machines run a version of MS-Windows.
Well, I got the letter today from my bank informing me that the
investigation into the $100 I claim an ATM screwed me out of was done and
that they could find no evidence of anything wrong on the part of the ATM
machine. The fricken ATM took $100 US out of my checking account but
issued me NO money. Really. Be warned. Tell others. I was issued a
provisional $100 credit until the investigation was concluded, which it
now is, but they are taking back the $100. Unreal. The machine wins out
against humans because there was no human witness to the event except for
me. I do not trust ATM machines or electronic transactions in general now,
I have switched back to cash for most of my purchases (heck I might go
back to wampum at some point!).

A little googling turned up some interesting material including virus/worm
infections of ATMs, etc. Hmmm, this sounds alot like some movie plots I
have encountered, most recently Firewall with Harrison Ford. Imagine, an
ATM virus/worm, that screws people like me out of $100, or $10, but does
it a lot, and sends the money to some evil dude wherever. Ok I might be
going overboard here, but I *did* get screwed out of $100 by the ATM
machine-- take that info and think about how much you will trust your ATM
in the future for deposits or withdrawals. Do what you will with this

So what really irks me is that Windows was likely the OS, and we know how
vulnerable MS-Windows is to viruses. Scary stuff to contemplate.