Re: fish to winXP in konqueror?

On Sun, 26 Nov 2006 16:15:24 +0100, Johs wrote:

this is the error I get in konqueror when I try to connect:

An error occurred while loading fish:// Could not connect to

But the log file in freeSSHd does not contain any errors:

11-26-2006 16:14:22 IP SSH connection attempt. 11-26-2006
11-26-2006 16:14:27 IP SSH mosen successfully logged on.
11-26-2006 16:14:27 Shell service granted to user mosen. 11-26-2006
16:14:27 IP SSH mosen disconnected.

If I do SSH from a shell (gnome-terminal in Ubuntu) to winxp it works

Does the XP box have Perl on it?

fish actually downloads a small Perl script to help it do it's ssh / scp

if you fish://localhost/
you should find a file in your home directory to see what it


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