Re: Linux marketing / ads -- why not a centralized organization?

ac wrote:
Beowulf wrote:
It strikes me as odd that there is no centralized organization for doing
some marketing of linux-- billboards, newspaper full page ad now and then,
cheap short radio spot ads (anything to lessen the radio time occupied by
annoying car sales ads!). Why not a non-profit or
whatever, take donations from linux users and do some marketing? Though
linux is free, promoting linux and getting a larger user base will benefit
all, increasing vendor driver support, etc.

I think you make an excellent point.

As it happens, I think the convergence of much energy and focus is happening around the Ubuntu family of distros. The volunteer structures are inclusive, and well organised. They include a marketing mailing list, and local teams, for example the UK Team - which ran a booth at UK LinuxWorld in London recently.

In UK there is an Infopoint project, with the aim of offering information about open source and linux.

I really liked the Firefox advert in the *full page* of New York Times a year or so back.
If this ever goes anywhere I will do what I can to help it. I think it is a good idea to create a central site that will collect donations and compose and buy ads to help promote open source

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