Hyped to be migrating to Linux... need input.


I am excited to be moving to Linux. I am tired of Micro$oft. I
can't afford it (HW upgrades, $$$ for apps, etc - not to mention a
house payment, car payment, 2 year old toddler, and the list goes on)
I am ready to move and move now!!!

There are so many distros. I have thinned it down to five I would
like to try: (FC 6, OpenSUSE 10.2, Ubuntu (6.06 or 6.10?), Mandriva
Free 2007, and DreamLinux 2.2 Multimedia).

Here is the real twist. I have two systems (not including wifeys XP
machine - I do have her running OOo - maybe I can get her to migrate
to linux in the future - if iPod works and Wine for Quicken). I would
like to multiboot on the two systems. Keep one as my main system
(email, web development (currently use Dream Weaver 4), etc) and use
the other to play around with. (installs, etc)

Here are the basic specs on the two systems.

1. Home Built - Main system
P4-1.8GHz, 1Gig RAM,
Mainboard: VIA P4XB
NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS/GeForce2 Pro
Avance AC'97 Audio for VIA (Onboard)
EPSON Perfection1250 USB Scanner
Logitech PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse PS/2
Iomega USB Zip 250
3Com 3C905TX-based NIC
Adaptec Duo Connect card (2 firewire, 3 USB 2.0)
Samsung ML-4500 Lazer Printer

2. HP Vectra VL420 MT ($25 with no harddrive... great deal!!!) Yet
to be bult Have boot Knoppix 5.1 and everything seems to work fine.
P4-1.8GHz, 768 MB RAM
Has CDROM - but will replace with DVD & CD-R drives
ATI Rage 128 Pro Video

I have/will have HDs of the following capacities available:

80G, 60G, 40G, 40G, and 30G (5 drives total). (Don't worry about
wifey wanting one for her mp3- she's got a 250G ext USB.)

Any suggestions for the best configs? I was planning on FC6, SuSE and
DL 2.2 on my Main PC and then running Mandriva and Ubuntu on the HP.

Would I place each distro one it's own drive or can I share user space
across distros for apps, swap, etc.)

Just a little direction and input for someone who's ready to get this
thing going.

BTW... I will live on wifey's PC for a short while getting the main PC
up and running.