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?"artificial benchmark"?

You can spin this any way you want, but the fact remains - Linux is
faster, more efficient, and has better memory management - end of

Then why does FF launch so slowly?

BTW, about your analogy up there; If anything, MS is the one with the
small gas tank - we have the better fuel economy AND the bigger gas
tank :)

I keep hearing this but so far I haven't seen the proof first-hand. Am I
really asking that much here? If I'm doing something wrong, help me find out
what it is.

There are clearly things you don't understand and probably will never
understand - at least now while you busy spinning and disputing the
issues / facts.

Will you learn about the advantages of open source software? Not
likely, not the way you are headed - not with your mindset.

Wanting apps to launch fast is a wrong mindset?