Re: Linspire?

Pete wrote:

I already looked a training video for Ubuntu to set it up from scratch. It
was server oriented. It BLEW ME AWAY. Forget it. I don't have half my time
to learn this. This is why M$ is able to extort from the public.
Anyway, I now think about LINSPIRE.

Do you need to set up Ubuntu as a server? If you don't, then no wonder it
blew you away.

Installing Ubuntu is as easy as installing any windows version. Check that
your hardware is compatible first. Either check the ubuntu hardware
database or simply run the liveCD with everything attached that you
physically have. This will tell you of any incompatibilities such as
wireless cards, network interfaces, card readers, printers, scanners etc.

Once you are satisfied you can get as much of your hardware to run, click
the install icon.

Check out and digest the following guide.....
(ignore the advanced section unless you really feel like getting your hands

Enjoy. It's a good OS. There are times when you'll need to tweak it to your
liking, however.


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