Re: Linspire?

On Thu, 08 Mar 2007 08:44:52 -0600, Dan C wrote:

What's even worse is when Win-droids clutter up a Linux newsgroup.

Oh! You mean that we should not have the right to post something in a
newsgroup that is Linux-private? Interesting, indeed. Where have you
read that in the Charta?

No, that isn't what I mean, doofus. If you Win-droids have something
useful to say about Linux, then fine. My point was that your entire
post was the one sentence (above) regarding "netsheriffs". How is that
useful to anybody?

I fear you have probably been absolutely right, the posting was useless.

If you don't want to talk about Linux, go do it somewhere else. The
real Linux users are tired of your babbling.

That's exactly what I wanted to express to the netsheriffs. But you are
right, it's lost efforts. They will never accept that their babbling on
top posting or signatures are as boring as crap.


By the way: what is a "real" Linux user? Is it the opposite of a vitual
When I am using CoLinux on XP, am I a virtual or a real Linux user?

Maybe am I no qualified user at all, failing to pass any certification on
the command line?
That is for sure jeopardising any effort to express any valid opinion in
this group, isn't it?