Re: Which linux for a newb?

On Fri, 06 Apr 2007 19:08:06 +0000, Chuck wrote:

ray wrote:

Did you try actually installing Ubuntu or did you just run it as a Live
CD? Things sometimes work better on an install.

Installed it hoping it would work better but it didn't.

It's unfortunate that you're having these difficulties - Ubuntu is one of
the best distros for a newbie (IMHO). I'd steer clear of SUSE because of
setup difficulties. You might try Mandriva or one of the offshoots -
Mepis, etc. Have a look at

Is the wireless card built in? There are some cards which are easier to
get working than others. Mostly the ones with Atheros chipset 'just work'.
Anything you have to use ndiswrapper with is going to be problematic. I
have a Belkin WNA2330 with Atheros chipset which worked 'out of the box'
with Ubuntu - and most other distros I've tried.

The wireless card is built in. It shows up in under
system>Administration>Netowrking so maybe it is being picked up but I
haven't gotten it to connect to any AP's yet. I'm used to WinXP which
lists all AP's in range and lets you click on one to connect. With
ubuntu it looks like I have to manually set up the ones I want which is
fine, but all of the AP's I connect to use WPA and I can't get that to

First off it looks like it only supports WPA-PSK. My home network uses
this so I figured I could just paste my key into the password field as a
"ascii password". That didn't work. It took the password but still
didn't connect to the network.

At work we uses certificates to authenticate and I cant find anywhere to
tell it to use a certificate.

I'd suggest you find somewhere to connect without wpa first - perhaps
disable it temporarily on your home network - you have too many unknowns
in the mix right now.