Re: Pan

SINNER wrote:
* Rich Leitner wrote in alt.os.linux:

Okay, running it as a non-root user. It seems to save to 'alt.os.linux'
with no problem. As a sidenote, I have had this identical problem as
root on two separate machines (both running Fedora 7). Could I have been
naughty running Pan as root? Shouldn't really have made a difference, I
think. Any advice on this is welcome ...


Sorry, I'm wrong ... same problem running as a non-root user. It still fails to write to the file:

"Unable to save "/home/rich/.pan2/groups/alt.os.linux" Success"

is the error message in the log. Very frustrating ...

I am assuming this file does not currently exist?

If not what if you try:

touch /home/rich/.pan2/groups/alt.os.linux

If it does exist:

ls -l /home/rich/.pan2/groups/alt.os.linux

Please do this *as* rich not root.

Yes, the file does exist. It appears that Pan creates it when I first visit the group and download the headers. Here's the output of ls -l:

ls -l /home/rich/.pan2/groups/alt.os.linux
-rw------- 1 rich rich 1519872 2007-09-01 11:02 /home/rich/.pan2/groups/alt.os.linux

The output of ls -l is all on one line, in case it wraps when I post it.

Thanks, Sinner ...