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I told him I could wipe it and install linux but he was into
playing Doom on it.

One can play Doom under Linux ...

It looks like its the shareware version.

I can play doom on my BeBox too but its also the shareware version

No, you *BUY* a licensed copy of the 'doze version and use the
instructions on this page to get a fully functional Doom III on Linux:

Specifically see ...

So you install the demo and then the "patch" which is a hack to run a
full version under linux.

Basically, yes.

.... for the instructions. (URLs are for

I merely point this out to say it can be done.

I dont have the skills to do that and my friends buddy *definitely*
dosnt have those skills. He was asking me to fix his winbox afterall...

The instructions on that site are pretty much a step-by-step recipe of
what to do to get a working Doom III retail on Linux. Anyone that can
read and follow directions can do it. Just now I asked my 17 y/o daughter
(she's *not* a techie geek by any stretch of the imagination, just a
Linux user) to look at it and tell me if she thought she could do that.
She said she thinks it would be easy once I told her how to install the
demo from the *.run file:

As root:
su -c 'sh ./'
sudo sh ./
(supply root password)
sh ./

Or as user:
sh ./

The root install is for a system-wide install. The user install is for an
alternate install into the user's $HOME tree.

Learning how to install a .run file is the only thing not covered on that
page. A SotFW finds that:

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