RAID 0 partition recovery


I am moving a system from one motherboard and set of disks to another.
Unfortunately, during the move, the partitions on the original disks
got wiped out. They were, if I recall correctly, set up as RAID 0 with
LVM. I don't believe any of the actual data is gone, just partition
info and pointers. After doing one round of undeleting partitions with
TestDisk, I'm closer, but still so far away from retrieving the data.
I now have the /boot partition on disk 1 as well as the extended
partition and what looks to be the RAID0 superblock(?). I also have a
partition on disk 2 that's irrelevant (copy of boot partition). I just
recently noticed that the TestDisk tool doesn't work with RAID 0, so
that might explain my lack of success so far. However, I've also tried
other partition recovery tools with the same level of success.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to recover the partitions
(without sending it to a data recovery service)? I suspect that once I
have the partitions back, I should be able to recreate the RAID0
container and then the LVM partitions.



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