Re: Hello Everyone

Horton heard a Who named DarkBahamut saying:

64bit is good for serious number crunching but the average user doesn't
need it. Plus, some things just don't work as well as the 32bit OS Linux
versions in the 64bit versions ... like Flash and certain games I've an
addiction to.

what about the speed difference? is it slower in 32 bit versions?

I saw no speed difference. However, this 32bit system is rock solid and I
have all the add-ons - like flash and games - I prefer. I use Debian,
release called Etch.

also what do you think is the best Linux to install on laptops.. ive heard
that Ubuntu sucks for laptops
ive heard that it uses more battery power then any other Linux, that's just
what I heard though

I use Debian Etch on my lappy. And, I haven't seen any unusual battery
life problems.

The U.S. government is destroying our freedoms daily
but are themselves enjoying "liberties" at our expense!

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