Re: File Count

Mark South wrote:

/bin/ls -1 (as in /bin/ls -<the_numer_one>) forces single column output (the default for to a non-tty) is what was suggested, not /bin/ls -l (as in /bin/ls -<letter_ell>) as that lists the files *and* gives a total count. (There is a slight difference on my screen, but it is very hard to spot.)

My apologies, in my font they are more or less indistinguishable :-)

It should, as you point out, be unnecessary, because ls should write each
element of its output on a new line when piped.

But it *IS* useful to know just in cases ls is aliased to include things like -C (the last of -C and -1 (minus one) takes precedence).

Anyway, I need glasses or better fonts. Or maybe I have an excuse to buy
a new monitor? Yeah! That must be the solution ;-)