Re: Linux distro for older PC?

Pete T. wrote:
I have a PIII600 with 384 MB RAM W2K system and about 19 GB unused HD
space available.
What would be a suitable, easy to use and well supported free Linux
distro for a W2K/Linux dual boot system, preferably with a live cd, so
that I can have a look first?

Pete T.
Hi Pete,
Agree with previous replies, i.e. Ubuntu 7.10 would be fine. You may also like to consider Puppy (presently 3.01) at around 90MB, which would enable several installation alternatives, having "burnt" the iso file to a bootable DVD (mini 8cm fine, CD less so), then:
i. Run entirely in RAM, save to "multisession" DVD, OR
ii.As in i. but save files to Win HD, OR
iii.Install (Puppy has "universal installer") to a USB "stick", preferably one with 2 GB capacity.