Re: totally wiping harddisk using Knoppix

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On Sat, 24 Nov 2007 23:55:19 +0000, Aaron Gray wrote:

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I want to wipe a harddisk using Knoppix. I have a Vista instillation
refuses to boot no matter what I do to it, even tried accessing it using
an XP boot CD but that just hangs on boot.

So I have backed up every thing to my XP disk.

Now I need a good lowlevel command to wipe the darn thing.

I used the Ultimate Boot Disk in the end.

Got Vista installed again as well as XP, all I need it a third hard drive
bay for my Fedora HD to fit in.



FWIW - it really is not necessary to put everything on separate disks. I
have six distros on one drive.

I feel safer that way and can always swap them from machine to machine




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