Four user Linux. A proposal

Four user Linux

Before you say it already does that and dismiss what I have to say out
of hand please hear me out. What I am proposing is just a little
different. Basically I am saying that I think its possible to hook up 4
video displays, 4 keyboards and 4 mice and have 4 instances of x-windows
running at the same time. Now before you scoff at me and say I'm an
idiot please keep an open mind. Lets talk a bit about how we might
accomplish such a feat.

Processor and memory- Actually Linux does this already. It is a multi-
user multi-tasking OS. Now if we take it a step further and run it on a
quad core processor with 4 gig of ram we have in my humble opinion
enough resources to do meaningful work. Add the ability to dynamically
switch processor cores to help with processor intensive tasks and we
have the beginning of a working system. I suspect that running 4 virtual
machines one for each instance of x-windows might do the trick.

Video ? This part of the system will take some work. We already know
that its possible to install 2 Nvidea cards in a system and have 4 video
ports. I suspect with a special driver you could write to each screen
individually. Granted this won't be an easy task, but I think it is
doable. I would imagine that Nvidea would be happy to make more sales
sell some of their older chip-sets that might support this feature.

Keyboards ? Some form of embedded number, maybe a rotary switch inside
the keyboard so the OS can keep track of which keyboard is which. I'm
sure an engineer can think up a fairly easy way of making this work.

Mice ? Basically the same problem as the keyboard. Some way of
distinguishing between mice.

Now I'm sure you are asking yourself why bother. I can see several ways
this would be useful.

1. How many time have you watched your kids fight over who gets to use
the computer. It would be nice if up to four of them could use it at the
same time.

2. Schools could save a lot of money if they only had to buy 1 box for 4

3. Businesses could benefit from this technology for employees who only
use Pc's for keypunching data, or other light duty uses.

4. It would help give Linux more exposure to the general public.

I am freely giving this idea out with no claims on it. Anyone may take
the idea and run with it. You won't owe me a dime.