Re: Postfix mailer being rejected as relay spam.

Beaver Shaver wrote:

I have a linux system which is on a DSL line. The system is being used
as a web server and is running a half-dozen ip's assigned to virtual
hosts. The problem is that outgoing mail is being rejected as spam
because the recipient can't resolve the FQDN of the server. In
particular, any mail sent by the server is seen as coming from
x.x.128.238 which is the gateway address of the DSL interface to the
server. There is no domain assigned to this gateway address which causes
the mail to fail with "RELAYING DENIED -- Ip name lookup failed for

Is there a way to get Postfix to use one of the virtual host ip's to fix
this problem?

Just off the top of my head: Thru your DNS service try setting the sub
domain mail.<domain>.com to that IP address. Use that for the domain in the
mail software.
Crunch the ogre