Re: dd Partition Recovery Procedure?!?

Doug Mitton <doug_mitton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

Hello again, this is a second part to my "Holiday Drive Recovery" post
made a few moments ago.

There have been some threads in the past several months on how to
recover a hard drive installation using the `dd` command between to
mismatched drive sizes. I just can't seem to find them. Does anyone
have any links or a procedure?

What I'm referring to is ... `dd` the drive image from a smaller
partition to a larger partition ... now the problem is the larger
partition thinks it is the same size as the smaller one. There had
been a thread at one point of some commands to recover the lost space
... for both Linux and MSWin as I (seem to) remember.

Any pointers or comments would be appreciated. TIA!

What type of file system are you using? I believe that there are commands
to extend or grow most file systems. For instance, I know for sure that
it's possible with riserfs. Let us know which file system you are using and
I am sure some one can help, this is a pretty simple thing I believe,
though I never had to do it my self.

- Bogdan