Re: Dual Boot Windows XP and Fedora Core 8

patingsadagat wrote:
Then, I opted to install
GRUB boot loader and proceeded to advanced configurations and choose
the option to install the boot loader in the first partition (sda2) ,

To run GRUB requires you have another boot loader that has an option to load
the GRUB from sda2, so until you fixed this, you won't be able to boot into Linux.

instead of the default which is to install in the MBR. However, upon
reboot, the system goes directly to the Windows XP platform. It does
not even load/show an interface where I imagine, I can select which OS
to run. Any suggestions/comments/tips on my predicament are highly

I suggest you install GRUB to MBR instead, this way GRUB will be loaded at the
start of the computer and from there you will be able to boot Fedora or microsoft.

One way to do this is to boot the install CD/DVD in rescue mode and mount your
Linux installation on your hard drive, where after you chroot to the directory
with your mounts, edit your /boot/grub/grub.conf and set boot=/dev/sda
Now run grub-install
exit the chroot and tell the machine to shut down. Next time you start your
machine, you will have GRUB where it should be.