Re: WoW

Darklight wrote:

Dr. Deb wrote:

I have WoW up and running under Wine, but the frame rate is taking a
horrific hit. Under Windows I am running at 60fps and under Linux the
I can do is 24 and usually more like 12. Any hints??

I am running a dual core AMD, 2 gig RAM and a GeForce 8400 video card
256DDR, Linux OS is PCLinuxOS 2007


try this

Thanks for the reference. I had read it but forgotten about it.(happens in
the 7th decade :-) )

I have tried Crossover and could not get it to work, in fact, I never have
been able to make it work on any app I really wanted to run. I am sure it
works well with the listed apps, but I don't use Micky Soft products.

Will try the 16bit video setting and see how it goes.