Re: mencoder config file

On Sat, 26 Jan 2008 20:01:02 +0000, heavytull typed this message:

I would like to specify mencoder to automatically output files with the
following filename structure:

encoded_${date '+%d_%m_%Y_%Hh%Mmin_%Ss}.avi

the uncertain thing to me here is including the output of date
'+%d_%m_%Y_% Hh%Mmin_%Ss' in the filename.

date '+%d_%m_%Y_%Hh%Mmin_%Ss' is a command line that gives the date and

Not sure mencoder automatically renames an output file.

You could make a function or script to do the encoding an rename
Menc ()
{ # something like this
options='your encoding string
OUTPUT="/tmp/file_`date +%y%j_%H%M%S.avi"
mencoder $options $input $OUTPUT