Re: Old laptop HD to pick up with usb adaptor

On 2008-02-07, Mark South <mark.south@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

And I had one box that required the drive to be set to "single", a
jumper setting that wasn't shown on the drive itself, and required a
wee bit of goggleration.

That setting is also called 'Master' on a lot of drives. In which case
there's usually another one called 'Master with slave present'.

On a WD drive of this vintage, Master, Slave, and CS were all shown on
the drive. Single was a separate, different setting. Busted my brain
for an hour or so :-)

Had one of those, longe time ago.
Yep, in that case 'single' means 'Master w/o slave'.

You'd think they would agree on a simple, uniform notation...

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