Re: fstab and ntfs-3g

§ Mark § wrote:

While hanging out in alt.os.linux, I heard heavytull say:

I would like to know whether one can set fstab so as a partition is
mounted as user 'xxx'?

any mount line that is defined in /stc/fstab, makes the partition being
mouted as user:group 'root:root'

but i would like 'xxx':users

This works for me, it is one line, it wrapped in my newsreader.

/dev/sda1 /media/sda1 ntfs-3g
defaults,allow_other,umask=0,users,nls=utf8,noexec 0 0

I don't think that is quite what was wanted: that *allows* users to mount the partition, and then allows them, or any other user, to umount it (the 'users' option); I think he wants it so that it is automagically mounted as a specific user?

Tho' I do notice that as he says he wants a partition ``mounted as user 'xxx''' I suspect we're probably talking about a windows/dos partition (ie fs=vfat, ntfs, etc), in which case using a combination of the mount options 'uid=nnn' & 'gid=mmm' should do the trick (along with the 'umask=ppp' option to set permissions as required). See:

$ man 8 mount

for more details.