Re: It just shuts down!?

Dan C <youmustbejoking@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

On Sat, 05 Apr 2008 11:39:16 +0800, Man-wai Chang ToDie (33.6k) wrote:

Right. So if all you need Windoze for is to play games, why are you
posting to Usenet with it?

Coz' I am using both Linux and Vi$ta.

That doesn't answer the question. You basically said that if Linux could
play all the games you wanted, you'd dump Windoze. That implies that the
only thing you need Windoze for is to play games. So, once again, why
don't you use Linux to post to Usenet, and do all the other tasks (besides
gaming) that you use a computer for?

Who, other than you, cares what he uses to post with?