Re: LiveCD boot problem

On 2008-06-29, Needs Help <purpledrank69@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am coming to you guys in an act of desperation. I haven't used my
computer for a while but it has some important work files on it that I
need badly. So I heard about this "ophcrack" password crack and tried
it out. The problem is when I put it into the disk tray and restart my
computer, it won't boot up. I've tried changing the boot order, but
it'll detect the CD's operating system, and ends up failing to boot it
up, and will endlessly restart my computer until I change back the boot

I realize this isn't much of a descriptive problem, but I'm not all
that good with computers, and ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Which boot loader are you using? Lilo or Grub?

Try to append "init=/bin/sh" option to kernel before booting. That will
drop you into shell. Then type this:

mount -o remount,rw /
mount -a
mount -o remount,ro /

The passwd will prompt you for new root password twice (checks for
mistyped password). While you're at it, you can change your users'
password (if you have also forgotten your username just do "ls /home"
to see which usernames are present; this lists the users' home
directories) by typing "passwd your_username".

The only tricky thing for first timer is figuring where to add the
init=/bin/sh option :)

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