Re: Unable to change/set time in Fedora 9

On Fri, 18 Jul 2008 14:51:37 +0200, Artnut typed this message:

Hi all,

A strange occurence happens with my pc. I have a dual boot XP and Fedora
It runs some five hours ahead of whatever current location I set. In
Fedora, am UNABLE to set time through the graphical utility. Even if I
do a su root, I still cannot change the time. The only way it can be
done is by logging out as a user and then logging in as a root and then
ONLY through the terminal with a date -s command. The changes made this
way are accepted only to be lost when XP is booted and then XP runs some
five hours ahead. If I change the time in XP and come back to Fedora,
the changes/settings are lost. May I know why this happens.

Thank you all.



You should be able to change the time with the GUI. Maybe your SELINUX
is preventing you or the GUI applet is broken.

I use a root crontab job to set the time every 12hrs but if needed I can
use the time GUI. If there's no error messages in /var/log about the
time you can try uninstalling/reinstalling the time GUI. NTP is working
since you can set the time from the commandline.