Re: SP3, to be or not to be : that is the kook-troll?


Neither Ubuntu nor OpenSuse will touch a disk you don't tell it to.

I've used Linux for a long time ! On this one I'm going to have to
agree with Kadaitcha Man.

I run a mixed disk system, no M$ at all, SCSI + IDE ! Installing Open
SuSE 11.0 to the first BIOS drive i.e the IDE goes just fine until the
reboot then you find that grub has been installed on the first SCSI
drive, trashing the existing grub. Result grub errors and unbootable

To add to that, after correcting where grub should be and changing paths
to suit, which gets me a bootable machine. I then let a kernel update
take place to find that after a reboot I am back with an unbootable
machine because grub has been re-written on the first SCSI drive
again !

So I really don't belive that first line. Yes it installs on the drive
you assign but it puts grub on the first bootable drive !

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