Re: what new mobo to get

Eric wrote:

I have a brand spanking new Q9450, now i need a motherboard and ram for it.
I'm in kind of a dilemma though, I'd like RAID and 2 ps/2 ports (onboard
video would be a plus), but i mostly want the DDR2 ram speed to match with
the Q9450's FSB of 1333 (if possible) or 1066 if not. It looks to me that if
i want the 1333 FSB to pair up nicely with RAM i'll have to go with a DDR3
board. I'm not a gamer but i do run seti using an optimized 64 bit linux
version supporting SSE3. There just doesnt seem to be an intel board that
fits, so I'm starting to look at other brands. Intels mb selector at is either broken or incomplete, it cant even find
the board i now have (and it doesnt work on firefox). My OS will be 64 bit
mandriva 2008.0(or maybe 2008.1, but 2008.0 is working quite well for me on
another machine)
Anyone got any recommendations? how's biostar boards?

thanks all!