Homepage fails to load

Hi all,

At the outset let me clarify that I am unable to figure out if this issue
indeed pertains to Firefox alone, or Firefox on Fedora 9 or its just an
exclusive Fedora issue.

Right now I had to boot into XP to post this message. I am using the latest
Firefox in Fedora 9 and lately, maybe more than a week or so there is
consitent degraded performance. The homepage of ISP fails to load or takes
hell lot of time like 2-3-5minutes. Even pages saved locally on the disk in
..html format just don't load or take a long time. Sometimes, there is a
message (not pop-up) saying its some "Javascript Probe" I do not remember
carrying out any major changes in Fedora except the updates which were long
due and only very important packages were updated after giving much thought
by doing "yum info packagename".
But if updates were to cause any such issue then even before the update I
had faced this Firefox issue but then it wasn't so frequent. Lately, I just
do not have guarantee if I will get my ISP homepage and the internet.
Ping command to ISP gives NO packet loss. Else it shouldn;t be working in
XP now.
May I know why does this happen?