Re: What Linux really needs

On 2008-08-15, bb hit the keyboard and wrote:
On 2008-08-14 20:49, Dragomir Kollaric wrote:
On 2008-08-14, bb quoted:

What did you quote from my post?

Nothing I know, this is why I used the phrase *bb quoted*
because the person you responded to resides in my bozo-bin.
He was/is unwilling to attribute quotes when he was/is
responding. Now one could argue about the usefulness of
"score-files" but I'm sick and tired of some people
blaming the Gnu/Linux developers for shortcomings of the
Game-Idustrie if they don't develop games for Gnu/Linux.

And thanks for sharing your opinions about Gnu/Linux :-)



Dragomir Kollaric
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