Re: which linux?

Nomen Nescio wrote:
I'm considering switching to linux because I don't want to
rely on MS anymore.Which linux should I get?My machine is
celeron,512MB ram, including video ram.I've tried *buntu and
solaris.I'm thinking of getting DSL or knoppix. Does any1 has
a better suggestion?

As mentioned earlier, Solaris ain't Linux, it's a Unix from Sun.

It's difficult to recommend a Linux distribution, specially when you are not telling for what you are using it for or what you like. There is no best Linux, everything depends on what you need and what you like, I do recommend you get hold of as many different LiveCD versions of the distributions, this way you can try and feel which feels right for you, then you will get the distribution that feels right for you and not a distribution whcih you may not like but Dan C, sk8r-365 or ray loves it.

For looking for different distributions take a look at and read the descriptions and what packages they include and get a feel of which may be worth trying.