Re: Spontaneous unclean reboots

Curt wrote:

On 2008-09-23, Baron <baron.nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Those bad caps can be replaced with a little patience and dexterity !

I have neither of those. Nor do I have a soldering iron.

My hands shake terribly too, unless I'm drunk, and I don't get drunk

I probably repair a couple every month. Having said that I am
assuming that you may want to have a go yourself rather than pay
someone else to do it for you.

I wouldn't pay anybody to replace capacitors on an eight year old

A reasonable alternative is to buy a cheap Dell box. You should be
able to get one for about 200 euro without a screen, keyboard and

I'm thinking I just might buy myself a new main board with all the

Good for you ! Let us know what components you decide on.

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