Re: Not quite happy with Ubuntu... What should I try now?

GPS wrote:

It was not an insult. I'm starting to consider changing over one of my
Ubuntu systems to something else, because I'm in a similar boat. I've used
GNU/Linux and BSD (Net and Open) for years. At times things are great, but
at other times it's a hair pulling experience just to get things working,
especially with newer hardware.


I'm using a couple of Linux machines. One is an AMD Ath 64 X2 AM2 chip on a NEW ASUS micro-ATX mb, 4GB of DDR2 mem, WD 500GB "AAKS" hd SATA DVD-burner. Only "old" device is an nVidia 7950GT video card. Runs great without any hardware issues.

Second Box is similar except that its a Core2Duo E6600 CPU on an Intel 35DP35 mb. WD 320GB "AAKS" hd, WD 160GB "ks" hd, same kind of video card. (320GB has /, 160GB has swap and /home)

Both were originally intended to be Windows boxes, but I had second thoughts.

Both boxes run GREAT, very solid, stable (Mandriva 2009.0 installed from "One" Gnome Live CD). Play movies, use Skype with a Logitech HD webcam. Google Earth can get a little choppy if I push it hard. All the apps I use load and run very fast.

(I hear you about hair removal. I'm still beating on the boxes pretty hard to make sure they are completely stable before I move all my email over. Its the last app to go on them.)