Re: Ubuntu 9.10 Keeps Freezing

I guess I hadn't realized that SSH would be down by default in Ubuntu,
so I could retry the test...but Ping doesn't work either, so my guess
is complete system lock (no way Ping reply is disabled at default is

I'm leaning toward a kernel issue with the older hardware. It's a P4
system 1.8ghz (I think).

are you leaving web pages with flash open?

The only web page left open is google documents, so no, no flash
content. When I left it last night, google docs was the only thing

how nuch swap and ram do you have?
1 gb of ram. I just let Ubuntu partition the swap automatically.

Video card is an Nvidia GForce 2 MX. I don't know if it matters or
not, but the processor on the video card was pretty darn hot even
though the system's been sitting frozen for hours.

I just pulled the yamaha sound card. Just in case. At the moment, I
have no need for sound anyway, but I will want to change that in the