Re: Recovering data from duff CDROM ?

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Mike Jones <Not@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

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On 2009-11-02, Mike Jones <Not@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I burned a CDROM a short while back, and now can't get the damn thing
to mount (even though it would have been checked as OK prior to
storage). As its got data on it that is no longer available from
source, I'm wondering if anybody has any favorite tricks they've used
to force a mount.

Once recovered one by forcing the drive to read it at a slow rate (1x
speed or 2x speed).

If I'm not mistaken, I did that by using hdparm:

hdparm -E 2 /dev/cdrom

Mind that you try your reading on a CD-ROM drive, not a DVD drive.
Unless it was burned on a DVD burner, in which case you use that one.

Min CD-ROM speed for a DVD device is 8x, of course.

Good luck.

Hmmm. Interesting ideas there. I shall investigate. Thanks.

The problem with dvds is that they have massive error correction on
them. Thus by the time they crap out, there is a huge error rate But
certainly try reading it slowly, try reading it on different drives, try
on the same drive it was recorded on, etc.

Would this work in reverse? As in, burning a CDROM in a DVD burner
resulting in a sloppily burned CDROM?

One would think that the things would have become more accurate, not less.


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