Re: Did you switch from Windows to Linux? How did you find the process?

MarcB wrote:
RodMcKay wrote:

I've been fed up with Windows ever since I switched from a Win98SE box
to WinXP a couple of years ago. But I haven't made the switch for
various reasons, one of them being the sheer numbers of Windows
programs I use. I'm ready to see how to do the switch anyway and see
how Wine works. But that seems to defeat the purpose.

So thought I'd ask for any comments from anyone who has already made
the switch. I mean, anything has practically got to be better than
Windows, but just curious as to what the major adjustments might have
been for other Windows users. thx.

I made the change when vista came out.
At first I dual booted windows & linux, after knowing linux a little better, I erased windows from my hard drive in order to have more space for films.

On my site, I described the process, and wrote down some settings as a memory aid.

Good info

I did a test install of Vista and there were no drivers for my very common sound card and SCSI card.

Even with all the updates and the system tweaked for best performance...
it ran terribly.

I installed Linux and was very happy to see that *all* my hardware was detected just fine. As someone who has been using Linux on a part time basis for many years...this was the year I made the transition to it being my main OS.

Since my machine has removable drive kits...I can compare different operating systems on the same H/W

My main machine is a dual core XP-2800+ with three gigs of RAM

The speed test I ran was simply copy an entire CD to the harddrive,
then delete it.

Using either Linux or XP...the time was about the same...

however from took *twice* as long

Though Microsoft has now lost me as a customer...
I suppose I should give Win7 a try...
but I will not be using it other than for evaluation