Re: Recommendations for Linux "WE"-replacement?

RodMcKay wrote:
The only problem I have so far re the Linux interface is something I'm
very picky about, I'm afraid, the file browser/manager, which in
Window$ is called Window$ Explorer (WE). I don't actually know how
that's referred to in Linux but I really need to find one to use over
the one native in Linux since I don't like Linux's look and feel much.
It's clunky for me.

I live in a small, rural town in Central NY, one that's existed since shortly after the American Revolution. Our town has a quaint, quiet, simple character that most of us would like to keep, and many of those who live in other places seem to envy. Every once in a while, more often in the past decade or so, new people move in to town, fleeing the problems they experienced in a more urban environment. The only trouble we have with them is that shortly after moving in, before they have a chance to fully embrace what we have to offer, they start trying to change things. They think they can pick and choose the things they liked about their old area and bring them to us, leaving the things they *don't* like behind. They never understand why they meet with resistance from longtime residents, because what they don't see is that the things they don't like are as systemic as the things they do, and you just can't have one without the other.

You remind me of those newcomers. You think that you can pick and choose what you like about Windows and apply it to Linux. It doesn't work that way. The more Windows-like you make things, the more the problems of Windows will creep in.

But I've seen your sort before, not just when it comes to the Windows/Linux debates. You think that you are different, that you won't make the same mistakes other, less able converts make. You think that you can succeed using your methods where others have failed. You are wrong, but my saying that won't stop you, or put you on an easier path.

It's a pity, really.


So if anyone can recommend a decent file manager/browser, I'd really
appreciate it! thx

So app needed should:

1. allow files to be moved/renamed when accessed via "save to".
2. customizable columns widths that can be set by user permanently
3. full line highlighting in details mode
4. fully customizable toolbar hopefully giving all apps an interface
that has address bar, etc.
5. hopefully an app also that allows for backups, for this Window$
person who'll really believe will have a system that runs for years
without reinstalling when she actually lives the experience <vbg>.
Looking forward to that but going to stay paranoid for the time being
till Linux soothes that out of me! <g>

IRCC, you are working from a live CD - what was it.... Ubuntu? If so, you are probably working with Gnome, the default Desktop Environment (DTE) of the distro. I think you'd be much happier with KDE, as it is much more Windows-like. If I were you, I'd take a look at Kubuntu. It is Ubuntu with a default KDE DTE.

Actually, if you finally decide to take the plunge and install something, it's quite possible to have Gnome, KDE, and a number of other GDEs installed all at the same time. Then, after trying each, you can choose to use the one you like best, while having the others in reserve in case you change your mind. But you almost have to install a distro before you can do this. As I've said before, one of the problems with working from a live CD is that you are pretty much limited to what can fit on the CD.