Re: Linux and older ATI or nVidia cards

On Mon, 12 Jul 2010 02:41:41 +0200, JBJ \(4920\) wrote:

A small tip to those with older graphic card from either ATI or nVidia,
try Mandriva One 2009. Where Unbutu 9.10 up to 10.04 would not work with
3D on my nVidia Vanta or ATI radeon 9100, Mandriva works just fine:) And
Compiz Fusion works like a dream.

Newer version, I have not tried it, is available from here

Strange. I have an Nvidia card in a computer I bought about 7 or eight
years ago (P4 2.4ghz) - I've never had a moment's problem with it in
Ubuntu - which I've been running on it for about four years now.