Re: [Fedora 14] is dd at 10Gb/hr worth doing on a 1Tb hard drive?

ray wrote:

The fact remains that one pass is not going to make the data
irretrievable. They could still get the data if they really wanted to.

(a) that is probably not true any more and (b) requires extreme efforts as
the platters have to be taken out of the hdd, somehow scanned at much higher
resolution and then statistically interpreted.

If I were you, I would repartition the drive and format the partitions -
that should be sufficient for your needs.

As long as the OP is aware that after doing so every novice can recover his
old files with freely available tools. So the above is no alternative to
wiping the disk using dd if you need this level of security.

If dd is too slow, put the disk on a sufficiently fast interface.