Re: Playing Blueray disks?

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On Tue, 24 May 2011 21:16:25 +0000 (UTC) Mike Jones
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Lets face it, a good film is just as entertaining in normal res, and a
crap one doesn't get any better for hi-def. ;)

You know, I was singing that song for quite a while too, and
by-and-large, it is true - a good story will always be entertaining.

Having said that, a good story AND excellent video detail are very, very
nice. "Pirates of the Caribbean", for example, is a visually phenomenal
movie; I've really come to appreciate the amount of effort Disney puts
into a flick. "The Mission" is another example where the visual detail
of 1080p really shines through.

The bulk of my movie collection is DVD-converted-to-MKV, and will likely
stay that way, but there are a few flicks that are incredibly well done,
worth the bandwidth.

So, will I update to 4k video if they bring it out next year? I doubt
it, but who knows - if the industry embraced x264-ogg encoding, it would
probably be worth buying into, just on principle.

If we had a standard based on open source and avoiding the irksome lock-
in crippleware nonsense we've been seeing from the major corporations
over the last decade, I'd "buy that for a dollar" too.

However, as long as we're going to see tricks like batteries with lock-in
microchips to make sure you only buy the company's products, I'll be
keeping my investments in that scam to a minimum and looking for

So, for me, Blu-Ray does indeed suck, not because hi-def isn't a good
thing, but because Sony, like they did with VHS, have managed to screw
things up so badly, its virtually worthless.