Re: Slackware 2.3 was: Re: Linux on 486?


Glad you got Slackware working...
It's a more complete distribution

Yeah, but as I said it was just for the fun of it, to see if it would
work:) Its not really usefull on a 250MB HDD since you have to leave out
alot of the software available on the CD. If someone want to try this
again I suggest a 1GB HDD. And get a Type II pcmcia card with LAN or WLAN.

But it worked and that is the reason for trying:)


I like fooling around with old computers just to see what I can do with them.

I have a 386 with a 40 meg drive.
It's got win95 on it. Note: A 40 meg drive is too small to use to install Win95. I actually installed it on a larger drive, then pared down the installation and copied it to the 40 meg drive.
No particular reason other than just seeing what I could do.

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