Re: FC14 to FC15 Preinstall stuck, replond.xml and repos NOT updated!

Dan C <youmustbejoking@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:pan.2011.

How much time do you (have you) spent on getting Fedora running?
Slackware is easier.

Fedora installs really nice from scratch. No hassles, no issues. It is
all of the tweaking over years, custom scripts, configs, that I hate to
lose. This F15 install was a total bomb! I did finally find the right
install DVD, the first CD gave a live (barren) desktop and an option to
install to drive. The Red Hat upgrades always went very, very smoothly,
it was like kid stuff. Then came Fedora. This f15 lovelock upgrade option
was a total flop. The "Preinstall" option that was "all that and a bag of
chips" failed. I did research, it is a known bug with no fix available. I
should have researched first. Last night, I tried to finish the job with
the real install DVD, it recommended I allow it to update grub. Well,
fc15 kernels are there, somewhere, maybe this thing is on to something.
Okay, go for it. I have to configure what is a perfectly working realtek
built in NIC, okay, I go with DHCP for now, can go static later. It
proceeds, checking updating grub. "All finished Sir, your carriage
awaits." Ahhh, this is more like it. Reboot, ...right back into an fc14
kernel in an fc15 environment! Grrrrrrrrrr.

Tried again, this time maybe we can do a "repair install" by reinstalling
the update. We do the config NIC again, it does some checking, then
segfaults with option to save or ftp or send to redhat bugzilla. I ftp to
my comcast webspace. What good is this 400Kb xml error report? Who knows.

When Red Hat ran this distro, it was not "betaware" as Steve so
eloquently put it. He is right on target. It is betaware. Lots of shiny
eye candy and lots of good libs and solid servers, but it takes over a
year to dev elope a release and debug. This 6 month release schedule is
insane! Fedora is now a joke. Sad for me because I sunk all of my trust
in it. :(

Yeah. Install F15.
Uh, dumb idea. Maybe a bit of sarcasm to drive home a point, not sure
what your point is, Dan. The only way to do this right is a clean install
and I will be dammed if I am going to get myself stuck in this loop
again. I want a nice distro that is stable with a reasonable release
schedule. Enterprise hardly every changes releases because it is too
disruptive. It also costs money, but there are ways around that. But I
like the desktop and servers Fedora had. Love Gnome, not crazy about KDE.

I want two things right now.

1.) Get an fc15 kernel installed that matches the nvidia driver so I
can have x back, then maybe fix the repos, I can do that a lot easier
with x and a decent browser.

2.) Pick a different distro with package management, solid servers,
good samba, and nice gnome desktop with compiz-fusion (I can add that
myself). Once I get that far, I will backup everything and say goodbye to
this Fedora nightmare forever.

If you were sincere, thanks Dan. If you were being sarcastic, I do not
even have the will to get upset anymore. Real help I need, it is here, if
anyone feels like giving it. I know, time consuming, I have had my fair
share. Does not matter, the community is what it is and that is a very
good thing.

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