Re: Antivirus for Windows that runs under Linux?

On 23/08/11 15:07, Yousuf Khan wrote:
On 22/08/2011 7:27 PM, David W. Hodgins wrote:
On Mon, 22 Aug 2011 19:04:06 -0400, Yousuf Khan
<bbbl67@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

into my Linux and scan the Windows drives from it. Are there any
antivirus software that run from within Linux?

Yes. Clamav, and Avg. ClamAv is provided by most distributions, or you
can download it from

Okay, looks like Clamav is available through the Ubuntu software center.
When I installed and ran it, it said that there were both a program
update and a definition update available for it. It finished downloading
the definition update, but it didn't update the program. Seems a little

For Avg, it's available at

They are both designed to catch m$ viruses, but run under linux.

Ah okay, I see that there's a *.deb for it, but when I run it, the
software installer says it's a "badly formed" install file or something
like that.

Yousuf Khan

you need run clamtk as root, then use the update option from the GUI IIRC. it won't let you update the program itself without being root (which makes sense, why should normal users be installing/updating programs?).


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