Re: Can a compiler designed for "i586" be used in "x86-64"?

On 30 Nov, 19:35, "J.O. Aho" <u...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 30/11/11 08:30, Bengt T wrote:

I have an old compiler, not available x86-64 version, which I wish to
use in a PC with a 64 bit OS.

Can the i586 version of the compiler with compiled programs be used in
x86-64 environment?

There are some distributions which don't support multilib, if you have
one of those, you will be forced to install a whole 32bit environment in
a chroot environment.

If you have multilib support, this will not necessarily mean the
compiler will work, the compiler may relay on older libraries than what
your distribution supplies you, then you need to fall back to the chroot
mentioned earlier.

Are "32 bit" library files available in x86-64 environment etc?

No, many times it require an active choice from your side to install those.

Are there more concerns to consider?

You need 32bit libs of all the parts you are depending of when you build
something for 32bit and you must make sure the compiler looks for thinks
in the right locations, for example in /usr/lib32, /lib32 instead of
/usr/lib and /lib.

I recommend you do install a 32bit chroot environment and work there
with your compiler, this will require more disk space, but things will
work better and you will have all the 32bit libraries you need and it's
easier to get the right version of all too. Another benefit is that you
can use default paths instead of the special ones in the 64bit environment.

Thanks for your information. It seems that I should consider the
chroot alternative.