Had it with Fedora!

I have been in an out of this newsgroup so many times with Fedora issues
that some of the old timers are not even taking me seriously anymore.
Well, not *all* of them. Bit Twister and even Steve are ususally willing
to roll up their sleeves and get me up and running again. Several times I
have been advised to dump Fedora because they update their entire system
every 6 months with very major changes so that even upgrades do not
really work anymore. Now xinetd is not used and something else, systemd
handles most of what xinetd used to do before. Even Bit Twister admitted
it took him several days of eyes glazed over, reading dry man pages,
trying to figure it out (sucessfully, I might add.)

I love compiz and got it to work again with unity desktop in gnome, only
to have it die again, compiz and fedora are at odds or something, they
just cannot get a stable package that works all the time. Now that comiz
is ruined again and my desktop is practically useless because of the
changes I had to make to get compiz working, Fedora 16 is out. The darned
install disc will not even boot in the Linux machine for me to upgrade,
but it will boot in a Windows machine. I tried the preinstall but it will
not work, I am stuck with an LVM drive and the preinstall setup in the
grub menu does not reflect the lvm root so the upgrade option does not

For laughs, I put in the CentOS live disc and it booted up, no problems
at all. Ahhh, a stable linux distro that I am familiar with. I can even
enter the mnt directory and find all of my old stuff again! This is an
older Pentium 4 2Ghz PC with 3Gb of ram, makes a good linux machine but
does not have a SATA interface. I installed a SATA card and use a 500Gb
drive where my current system is. I have servers setup on it and they
must be setup again on the new OS. Would you recommend a new hard drive,
install Cent to the new drive, and could I then pick my stuff off the old
drive to get this box up and running perfectly, and hopefully, for a long
time without all of these stupid Fedora updates? The darned update CD
will not even boot! I give up on Fedora and finally admit I hate it.

Any tips on how to make this change to CentOS as painless as possible and
get my apache and proftpd servers up and running quickly would be
appreciated. I use the Linux as a testing server for Dreamweaver before
publishing to the web, so I also need to get my samba up and running
rather quickly as well. Is a new SATA drive the way to go and then pick
from it to make my system stable again? This time I am open to all ideas
except for flames. I have had enough of them and really, don't you
flamers have anything better to do?

Thank you all for your patience and support.

~Ohmster | ohmster59 /a/t/ gmail dot com

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