Re: mount multiple cloud services combined

On Sat, 28 Apr 2012 18:23:04 -0700
cerr <cerr@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi There,

As we all know, there's multiple cloud storage services out there
(,, google drive, dropbox and probably more) and they
all offer 1 - 5 GB of space free of charge. Now I think it would be
sweet if ytou were able to combine the different spaces into one mount
point and let either another app or the os take care of where to store
the data. Is there anything like that available already or does Linux
even by itself contain such functionality? Ideas, input and suiggestions
are appreciated!


Don't really have a suggestion pertaining to using online storage, but I
di just see a 32GB USB flash drives for $25 locally. It's faster, greater
capacity, can be accessed without an internet connection, isn't placed
under someone else's TOS and maintenance ethic, and cannot be hacked by a
black hat when you aren't using it.

Slackware 13.1,, Core i7 920
GeForce GT520, RLU #272755