EHCI = no boot (hang without interesting output)

If I have EHCI enabled (fast USB) the kernel just.... stops during boot,
before init() it seems. I've tried all sorts of arguments and can get no
useful output to point me in the right direction.

Irritatingly, if I leave it off in the BIOS, Windows misbehaves and most
of my USB ports don't work. If I enable it, everything is fine in Windows
7 and FreeBSD 8, but these various linux kernels just don't seem to like

This behavior seemed to start appearing around 2.6.32. This has been
happening more and more with recent kernels. It doesn't SEEM random for a
given version or build - either it is going to work consistantly, or it's
going to NOT work consistantly.

Has anyone seen this kind of behavior? Any suggestions on hunting down
the cause?