Re: daemonize ssh tunnel

J.O. Aho wrote:

On 16/05/12 20:53, cerr wrote:
J.O. Aho wrote:

On 16/05/12 05:51, Ron Eggler wrote:

Is there a possibility to daemonize a rteverse ssh tunnel command or
put it somehow in the background anyways?
I invoke it with a command like
ssh -R 19999:localhost:22 sourceuser@xxxxxxxxxxxx
which occupies one shell until it's terminated

Use the option -f
That doesn't actually seem to work, I'm getting this
$ ssh -R reg@xxxxxxxxxxxx -f
Cannot fork into background without a command to execute.

Try this one:

ssh -R 19999:localhost:22 -f -N 19999:localhost:22

The remote machine needs to support protocol 2.

Great, Thank you! :)