Re: Moving home directory between who PCs

On 2012-05-18, Bengt T <bengt_tornqvist@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I use two PCs at different locations and wish to "move" my home
between the locations by means of a usb memory stick.

The idea is to link my home folder to the usb memory in both PCs ("ln -
/media/usb_memory/my_user_name my_user_name") in the /home/ directory.
I use
the same user name and password in both PCs.

no idea what you want to do.

This works fine when initializing PC1. When I start PC1 I can login
password as my_user_name and the folder in the usb memory is

It is however not possible to login into PC2 (with the usb memory in
place in
PC2). The login procedure is rejected.

rejected means what? Your local police force comes into your house and
raps your hands? Ie, giving us the error messages in detail would make
things far more liable to get you help.

By "swaping" the procedure (initialize PC2 ant try to log in into PC1)

initialise means what?

The way that one logs in to linux, the system looks into /etc/passwd for
the username and looks for the home directory.

Note that youshould NOT use xdm/kdm etc. but log into the console. It is
highly probable that if your home directory has problems youcannot log
in to a xdm. But for a console login, nohome directory is needed (it
will use / as the default. pretty uselessly, but enough that youcan
mount the desired partition.)

result becomes the same. I. e. I can login into PC2 bot not into PC1.

Is the login procedure PC name (host name?)


Is it possible to move the home directory in the way I wish and, if
so, how and where shall I make

Use a console login. You donot tell us what linux you use. In
redhat/mandriva etc you want to go into /etc/iniittab as root and change
the default runlevel to 3 from 5. Then when youlog in you will be
inrunlevel 3, can log in, and then make sure that the directory is
mounted. then run startx to start up X